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Over the years the wood fence has become synonymous with class and elegance in most home construction projects. Home owners and contractors have been experimenting with this highly versatile and easy to use material that has formed a very important part of human shelter since the ancient times. In the modern era most people have come to appreciate the rare and elusive benefits that come with wood despite its largely pedestrian uses in most cases.

This interest in wood not just as a building material but also as an aesthetically pleasing item has led to a revolution in this industry particularly when it comes to fencing. Manufacturers have gone out of their way to create innovative designs and models of the wood fence that have left most home owners in awe. Some of the most common applications of wood as a fencing material include in erecting garden fences, property fences and the highly aesthetic border landscape fencing.

Regardless of one’s particular need for these structures though they tend to offer the same unique features that have made them into such important household names over the years. Some of the most obvious and notable benefits that one stands to enjoy are listed below in this comprehensive list.

Wood Fence's Versatility

Wood is one of the most versatile materials out there. Human beings throughout history have been aware of this great characteristic that has seen them utilize it in all types of applications including in making shelters and important tools. When it comes to the fencing industry the wood fence has also been a very significant player over the years.


With this material manufacturers have outdone themselves in creating spectacular and very amazing designs that are not only strong, protective and long lasting but also very aesthetically pleasing. To further enhance the features of this material manufacturers tend to pretreat it with appropriate chemicals and agents that protect these fences from adverse effects such as rooting or attacks by insects such as the ants.

Aesthetic quality

Wood is one of those natural materials that never go out of fashion due to its calming natural looks. While looking to enjoy a natural rustic homestead the wood fence is an obvious choice for most home owners. The wood texture is so popular that manufacturers using other materials such as the synthetic vinyl to make their fences tend to incorporate a wood texture to give their consumers that much need illusion of wood for their fencing needs.