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Garden fence panels are highly effective fencing accessories that are designed to enhance the efficiency and practicability of a fence. In most cases these panels are wooden and they tend to give home owners a wide variety of choice while looking to erect fences around their gardens. Apart from their practicability panels have in recent years taken over this market due to their unmatched versatility as they usually come in many different designs which can be applied in many different situations.

Additionally they are very easy to install and most people with the time tend to actually install their own panels without any expert help. Apart from these highly striking features these structures also come with an added appeal in the way they look and tend to transform even the dullest of gardens or even homesteads.

While looking to enjoy these and many more benefits offered by these structures there are few factors that one should always consider while in a home appliance store or the internet looking to buy them. The most important of them is the particular type that perfectly suits ones specific needs at all times. The following are common types of panels available in the market today that one can look at before making the actual purchase for the best results.

Split rail

These types of garden fence panels are basically comprised of posts that are usually drilled with holes to fit in wooden panels horizontally. Although very simple and basic it tends to look very appealing and tends to instantly transform a home giving it a very natural and rustic look. If one is looking to further enhance the overall look of their home without investing a mint in a remodeling or complicated fencing project this is one way to go about it.


Picket panels

The picket fence is one other most popular type of fence not only for the gardens but also for more comprehensive property fencing. Apart from its simplicity as in it only involves wood panels on which numerous pickets are usually nailed on in a vertical design; this fence tends to look great. To further accentuate its looks one can ensure that the pickets are of different lengths to create an appropriate design.

Privacy fence

The privacy fence is another popular garden fence panel’s method that involves placing vertical slats very close to each other as to leave no space between them. This type of fence is particularly ideal when one is looking to keep out even the smallest of creatures and still maintain a great looking garden.