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Garden Trellis are raised bends in ones garden that tends to gave them extra space to plant their favorite crops. Although these structures are not particularly traditional in nature that have become very popular in recent years due to their great feature and advantages. With an appropriate and strong trellis one can enjoy a much bigger garden that looks great. Over the years many different materials have been adopted and discarded in the making of these structures as they either perform beautifully or are a total waste of time.

Some of the most popular materials used include wood such as teak and cedar, metals such as steel and vinyl which is a very strong type of plastic. Regardless of what material one chooses to use or their reason of using these structures there are a few factors that one must always put into consideration. The following is a list of such important factors that will further guarantee that one gets to enjoy their trellis and get the best out of for them longest time possible.


A garden trellis should always be as strong as possible. Although plants start out small and thus require little support they tend to grow big and very strong and if this structure is too weak it is unlikely to support these plants. As such one should always ensure that they take the plats eventual size and potential for growth into consideration before making these structures. Moreover the material used should be strong enough to further enhance this feature of the structure.



In most cases the trellis will have to be exposed to all sorts of environmental factors such as rain, snow and sunlight among others. To ensure that these structures don’t fall apart from rotting or corrosion one should ensure that they are made from an appropriate material. While using wood one should ensure that it is appropriately pretreated with appropriate chemicals to ensure that it doesn’t rot. On the other hand while using metallic options one should always ensure that they are coated with an appropriate anti corrosion or rusting material such as stainless steel to avoid degradation of these structures.


This is another rather obvious factor that one should always take into consideration while looking to make a garden trellis. Since gardens are primarily supposed to serve as important aesthetic features complimenting the entire homestead the trellis inside should also fit the picture at all times.