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As you might have noticed, we have recently moved many of our pages to SSL or simply put we serve them under HTTPs rather than HTTP. And yes that single 's' means a lot in terms of security of the service we provide.

Technically speaking there are 2 different protocols when it comes to serving web content, plain-text and encrypted. When the content of  a site is sent over plain text (http) all your communication with the web server and the site is easily visible to the rest of the world but when the communication is encrypted through https it is like you and our website share a password that only you and our site understands so the content cannot be read by anyone but our server and then you!

In 2014 Google announced a change in their google algorithm to help make https more popular, the idea is if your site is under https you will get a better ranking!

For our search engine ranking and even hosting we use the services of Smart SEO Hosting. An Australian hosting company with major focus on SEO. One of their major features is that their clients can get free SSL for all their domains without any costs! So few days ago we decided to try this feature and bingo! We got our very own SSL for free!

As a result you as our client are going to benefit from a much more secure connection and hopefully we are going to enjoy from a Google boost!!