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The garden fence is essentially a type of fencing that is usually erected around gardens for many different purposes. Although gardens are an ancient feature in most people’s homes this type of fence is a relatively new trend in this field. In the past most home owners were just comfortable erecting a single fence around the entire property that would protect everything within the compound. However in recent years many people have come to recognize the fact that gardens call for a whole new way of protection and as such they require a much more specialized fence suitable for this.

To match this upcoming demand numerous fencing materials manufacturers have invested more into ensuring that all their customers get to enjoy these accessories as easily as possible. This has also led to an increase in the variety of such fences in the market which have been fashioned closely against other traditional fences for the best results possible. While looking to get the best from such fences one should thus carry out a little research into the many types and designs which tend to be appropriate for many different applications. The following is a brief list of some of the most popular types of these particular fences in the market today.

Vinyl Fences for Garden Fence

In recent years vinyl has become an extremely popular material in the making of the garden fence owing to it numerous striking features and benefits. Made primarily from very tough and strong plastics these fences tend to last for very long and also protect ones garden from all types of intruders from small animals to larger animals with a lot of ease. Some of the most popular benefits that come with this type of fence include its ease in maintenance and cost effectiveness. Right at the factory these materials are usually enhanced with the ultra violet ray protection property which ensures that they effectively resist any adverse effects of the harmful sun-rays even after long periods of exposure. This feature means that vinyl fences require no or very little maintenance costs making them ideal in so many situations.

Another factor that has propelled these types of fences to the top of this extremely competitive market includes their versatility and variety. While looking to keep a garden safe vinyl offers many striking options from the popular privacy fence which is tightly wound to keep off even the smallest of animals and enhance privacy to the picket fence which is more decorative. Other types of fences include the lattice fences and the semi-privacy fences that also come with unique and very distinct advantages. Other reasons that might lead one to go for the vinyl fences include their aesthetic values.


The main use of a garden in any homestead is for beauty purposes and in order to fully achieve this; the fence should be very complimentary. This material is very attractive and can even by further accentuated by making it into many textures such as natural stone, granite or even wood textured designs. While looking to instantly transform not just the garden but the entire compound these fences are an obvious option.

Wooden Garden Fences

Fences made from wood are extremely attractive and tend to give any garden and indeed the entire compound a very natural and pleasant look. While looking to use these materials one should ensure that they get the best as they come in many different designs and models. Some of the most popular wooden fences out there include the lap fencing and the equally popular pressure treated fencing. With these two options the wood has been treated in the factory with important anti rotting agents that tend to guarantee its longevity. This particular feature ensures that one only needs to put on a fresh coat of paint every now and then on their beloved fence for it to maintain its natural rustic looks for as long as possible.

Another popular type of wood fence is the bamboo fence. This option comes with numerous striking features that clearly set it apart from the crowd. Bamboo can be wound up tight to guarantee maximum protection of one’s garden from unwanted intruder’s especially small animals such as rabbits. Additionally this fence is very beautiful and tends to transform a garden and even the entire compound making ones home look very classy and natural at the same time.

Metal Garden Fencing

There are very many types of metals out there that can easily be used as a garden fence. These include steel coated with stainless steel to keep off rust and corrosion among others. Apart from the sheer versatility of most metals especially when it comes to casting them in many creative and very unique designs they also present numerous other very striking benefits. These include their low cost of maintenance over time and their strength which basically ensures that one efficiently keeps out any intruders to their gardens without much trouble.