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Garden fencing is a relatively new activity that has since inception witnessed remarkable growth and popularity. Today each and every home owner is busy looking for the best type of fence that will not only transform the aesthetic features of their homes but will also ensure that their gardens are perfectly safe from all types of intruders at all times. Although most fences offered in the industry tend to cater for most of these core needs they come in many different shapes and designs that might get one into confusion as to which one is the best and most suitable for their situation.

Therefore before embarking on this very important home improvement project one should always do some basic research so as to identify the most suitable choice that perfectly suits their given situation. After choosing the appropriate fence; one can then get down to the actual hard work of installing it particularly if they are a do-it-yourself type of a person. To aid one is this task the internet is awash with numerous easy to follow and very concise installation procedures that will get one their beautiful and favorite fence within no time.

The following is one such simple method of installing the popular wooden fences that have been the mainstay of this field for so many years.

Step 1

The first step to achieving an effective and aesthetically pleasing garden fencing project is research. One should look around and determine the reigning standards in the industry particularly in terms of the average height of such fences, the important accessories needed in completing such a project and the overall cost of the said project. The internet and other home owners who have actually undertaken such a chore before are likely to be the most important source of such information.


Step 2

Assemble all the materials needed in their right measurements. After assembling all the required materials, tools and accessories; one can then get down to installing the fence without much trouble. For this wooden fence one should first cut out the wood pieces to their right sizes as specified. In most cases the standard height of the panel is 6 ft while the post can vary between 50mm to 75mm in width.

Step 3

after assembling the materials one should chose an appropriate way of doing this. There are two main methods that are using a concrete slab to prevent the wood from rotting or erecting the posts and panel directly on either soil or grass; used when the wood has been pretreated. If using the pretreated wood one can then proceed to digging out the post holes of an appropriate length or use the popular metal spikes to fasten them onto the ground.

Once the posts are firmly stuck; one can then proceed to fitting in the panels onto the posts and nailing them appropriately. Finally the garden fencing gate can be fitted into place by using two or more wooden or concrete posts on either side before fitting in the gate as required.